Digital Candle: #YesAllWomen

it’s intense that the biggest trend on Twitter and Facebook right now are hitting so close to home. It’s surreal, and I can’t imagine what my roommate’s sister is going through as a student living in SB at the sorority house that Rodger was ultimately targeting. The feeling all women are having this weekend? It’s survivors guilt times a few million. We’ve all been close to situations that made the victims vulnerable this weekend…I’ve been alone at night walking home from class in downtown San Jose, or walking to the train station through the tenderloin alone at night after a work dinner in the financial district…I’ve ignored cat calls and walked fast back to my car from my sorority house, and thank god I’ve been untouched…I’ve had friends with stalkers so strange and disturbed that restraining orders have been placed.

I feel deeply for the women that have been targeted, attacked. They took the hit but I cannot avoid feeling it, too, because I know that it could have just as easily been me, or someone close to me.

I am disappointed that our society has not yet figured out a way to properly address mental illness. I am disappointed that we ignore it because it’s easier. I wish we didn’t need to understand the motives of the mentally unstable but to understand the workings of the illness, and learn to look past the cunning ways of sociopaths. We will not have come far as a human race until we can draw a line in the sand and move forward with fresh eyes that don’t aim to understand or befriend, but to prevent situations with serious objectiveness.

I am glad that the largest part of the trending social conversations are around empowering women. Hash tags are not useless and they can bring us together in conversations of solidarity. For those who don’t feel safe going outside at night, they can be the digital candle lighting a way for hope. It’s not about winning a war on gender as much as it is winning a war on mental illness, in my book, but I still believe in, and fully sit with the motives behind #YesAllWomen.


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